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Zoetermeer Parkhoven

turn your ideas

into reality

getting started on your project

whether you want to start a new restaurant, move into a new office location or build an apartment block
we're here to help you turn your dreams into reality...


...and it only takes three steps to get things going:


establish your priorities


collaborate on your brief

conduct a feasibility study


experienced in many fields

Years of experience with many different types of projects combined with our extensive network of builders, engineers, designers and suppliers. Ready to turn your project into something special


experience with

getting the most out of every square meter of your property

Our cities are getting more and more crowded. Many of our projects are located in places where m2's are scarce. Whether it's a new-build or renovation of a (monumental) building;
by means of smart floor plans, integrated furniture and multifunctional spaces we can help you make full use of those valuable square meters.


experience with

analysing your brief and site

and spotting its potential

Unlocking the potential of a site or an existing building can feel like a barrier. We’ve gained so much insight from our past experience and have developed in-depth knowledge of several markets and industries. We’ll help you develop your ideas and solutions for new revenue streams or make adaptations and alterations to improve your customer’s experience.

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experience with

finding the right atmosphere, form and design language 

When starting a new project, business, brand it's important that not only the architecture but also the interior embodies the right atmosphere. Through series of workshops and dialogues we sketch-out a bespoke visual identity. We believe that all parts deserve full attention; 
from finding the right facade finish to designing that one unique light fixture. We make sure every detail contributes to the project as a whole.

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