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HOP has been published in the newest edition of @vtverbouwen - “duurzaam verbouwen”. A six page long interview and photos with quotes from co-founders Bo, Joshua & Michael. Find it in your nearest book store or supermarket! @vtwonen
It’s been 2 months since @anookbakehouse has opened its doors in De Pijp. The American-style pastries combined with the mediterranean atmosphere has so far attracted much attention in the neighborhood. Take a break and drop by at Ferdinand Bolstraat 182 in Amsterdam ☀️☕️
The interior spaces of the Little Big Bungalow offer a sense of spaciousness within the compact shape of the home. We designed the home in such a way that spaces with wide open views to the garden are alternated with more intimate spaces offering different ways of connecting the interior with the exterior. General contractor: Goedhart Bouw B.V.
Structural Engineer: Brouwer & Kok 
Building Physics Engineer: Genie BV
Carpentry: Timmerbedrijf Har Puts
Spring is in the air! The garden of Halcyon House is full on blossoming and slowly coming to life. Could you imagine waking up and looking out to a garden like this?
Spring time calls for a fresh new website, which we are delighted to share with you! Check it out for an updated overview of our many different projects including an extensive selection of project photographs. Together with @perspective.webdesign we came up with a new and improved way of sharing our story, studio, reviews and projects with you - let us know what you think!

We’re excited to share these first photos of our latest finished project: The Little Big Bungalow!

This compact wooden family home is built up out of four compact volumes connected by a central cross. The wood-clad volumes are placed on a raised mound making sure the home stands high and dry while overlooking its surroundings. The ‘floating’ corner of the living room volume is able to fully slide open to create an open connection to the adjacent terrace that runs around this corner of the home.

While this bungalow home is modest in size, the interior spaces feel surprisingly spacious due to the high ceilings created by the playful roofscape. This roofscacpe not only introduces spaciousness on the inside of the home but also accommodates the PV cells and makes it possible to centrally collect rainwater to be used during times of drought. The wooden windows and doors have aluminium covering on the exterior making them last for a long time while at the same time creating a warm atmosphere within the interior spaces. Together with the other wooden elements within the interior we were able to create a natural atmosphere that will form the ideal home for this young family in the years to come! In collaboration with:
General contractor: Goedhart Bouw B.V.
Structural Engineer: Brouwer & Kok
Building Physics Engineer: Genie BV
Carpentry: Timmerbedrijf Har Puts

Spring is in the air! One of Halcyon House’s neighbours flew by showing how the garden and the surroundings are slowly turning more and more lush and green.

As we head into the second season, we can’t wait for summer to come and to see the home fully engulfed by nature.

Anook stands for “a nook”: a place or corner to recess, which offers seclusion or security. This definition was the driving force of its owner Julia, an American-German chef with the ambition to start her own bakehouse in Amsterdam. Anook Bakehouse is supposed to make you feel like you’re in a warm and comfy space though at the same time it takes you far away in a mediterranean-like setting with hints of places like Marrakesh and Bali. Check out more photos and information through the link in bio!

Location: Ferdinand Bolstraat 182 in Amsterdam


HOP Architecten werkt aan architectuur- en interieurprojecten door heel Nederland en zelfs daarbuiten. Met duurzame, natuurlijke en gezonde materialen ontwerpen we plekken waar mensen zich prettig in voelen. Bent u op zoek naar een architect of interieurontwerper voor uw zelfbouwwoning, uitbreiding, renovatie, of horecaproject? Neem dan contact met ons op om een vrijblijvend kennismakingsgesprek in te plannen.
Last year HOP made a plan for the renewal of various buildings on Fort Honswijk which is part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie and located near Utrecht. These images represent a physical model of the island and the urban interventions. Scale 1:500