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Afters and befores! HOP is constantly improving the built environment of its surroundings. Here you can see how a selection of 5 of our projects in Amsterdam looked before we started the construction. Check out our website for more photos 📸
For some reason (nobody knows exactly how) it has become a tradition to enjoy breakfast together every now and then at one of our houses in Amsterdam. Today we visited the apartment of Michael, located in De Pijp. A nice excuse to get to know your colleagues outside of the office, something that everyone should do!
After having had our first shared office space in @themakerstore and our first own pop-up office in the Lekstraat, it was time for our very first real office.
Located at the Eerste Oosterparkstraat 63h, the new space lets in tons of daylight from both the street side as well as the garden in the back resulting in light and airy atmosphere filled with natural materials, plants and a splash of colour. We were able to expand our material cabinet which now displays even more beautiful materials and with the addition of extra workplaces we have created our office for years to come.
Close to the center of Utrecht the construction has started on this 1920s house. The extension at the back will be one of a kind, with curved glass and curved window frames made from Accoya wood. This extension forms the perfect connection between inside and outside. In the existing building all floors have been completely stripped and redesigned to modern standards. More updates on the construction process will follow in our stories
Last week we were published in one of the most influential international design magazines with an extensive article on our project The Gallery House. A beautiful article written by Caitlin Wheeler who interviewed us and our clients. Read the full article on Dwell+ @dwellmagazine Clients: Robi & Christine @mukakasa_c Architect: @hop_architects Contractor: Beemster Bouwers Photos: @michaelcerronephoto
Lazy Sunday mornings, surrounded by the green garden of our Sloterweg project. We carefully orchestrated a calming atmosphere out of natural materials and filtered daylight. The perfect home to unwind in after a busy week.
Yesterday we showed you exterior shots of our project in Amsterdam-West. Today you can take a look at the interior spaces. The space on the left (with the piano) is in the main building which has been completely renovated. The space in the back and on the right, behind the walls and the piano, is part of the extension and is lowered to create a so called ‘conversation pit’ (‘zitkuil’ in Dutch). The interior consists of various pieces of built-in furniture like the beech wood (beukenhouten) stairs, oak kitchen and oak book shelves, resulting in a smooth transition between inside and outside.
Swipe right for some exterior shots of our newest project on the Sloterweg in Amsterdam-West. HOP designed a 70m2 double height extension on the back and side of the house and a complete renovation of the existing building, bringing the total gross floor area to 237m2. The house has now become 100% future proof for this family with three children. The extension to the house folds around the building. It contrasts by materialisation and form but at the same time it establishes a clear relationship with the main building with the square windows on the upper floor and a horizontal band in the facade (with stucco and wood cladding) continuing at a height of 3 meters all across the entire building. All window frames are made of highly sustainable Accoya wood with a transparent coating and the 110m2 surface of the facade is finished with thermally modified hardwood slats, without coating, so that these will age over time and the extension will therefore increasingly blend into its surroundings.  Interested in the interior? Check out the next post tomorrow or visit the link in our bio!
Construction has started on this villa from the 1960s in Rijnsweerd, Utrecht. The whole house has been stripped and will get a complete makeover. Swipe to the right to see a render of the final result which will be completed by the end of 2023. Follow us on our stories to stay updated on the construction process 🏗️
Is it a gallery or a living room? It’s both! Last week we returned to our new project in Amstelveen to take some extra shots for an exciting article on this project. We’ll keep you posted.