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Duurzame zelfbouwwoning in Amsterdam Oosterwold door HOP Architecten

Sustainability as a tool for a healthy home

At HOP (Habitats of People) we believe we can actually contribute to a more sustainable world by means of our experience and enthusiasm. By keeping the negative effects of construction as small as possible and by making innovative designs, we make living environments greener, more energy-efficient and healthier.


We stimulate clients to integrate sustainable solutions and advise in terms of governmental subsidies. We do not compromise on living quality, comfort and luxury, but we do ensure that the carbon footprint is kept as small as possible. A sustainable design often also contributes to comfort: clay plaster as a finish, for example, provides a very pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

HOP Sustainability Architects: Five Key Principles

We make make our habitats more sustainable by means of five key principles:

1. We make projects energy-efficient by using heat pumps, heat exchangers, solar panels and insulation materials with high insulation values, but also by optimally orienting the building or it elements towards or away from the sun. We integrate all these solutions in such a way that it becomes part of the architecture.


2. We use circular and renewable materials, in particular wood (sustainability).


3. We use high-quality, long-lasting and beautifully aging materials (durability).


4. We devise high-quality details to ensure that the designs can survive the ravages of time.


5. In renovation projects, we first focus on existing qualities and reuse existing materials as much as possible.

We do not only design sustainable houses and interiors in Amsterdam, but do that throughout the Netherlands. In Oosterwold, where future residents organise the plot division and the construction of roads themselves, we are realising several sustainable detached new-build homes. We are also working in various cities in the North of Holland on sustainable renovations and expansions of existing buildings that need to be revived. But we can also help you with your sustainable dream home at other locations in the Netherlands!

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