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Playful kitchen design for an experienced chef and husband in Amsterdam Noord


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2022
Size: 15 m2

Programme: kitchen

This colorful and playful kitchen has been designed for the new home of Jet, Ward and their 1,5 year old son Frenkie. The cabinet fronts are finished with a layer of turquoise colored lineoleum and the counter top is built up from dark grey marble. The marble lowered corner of the island is made for Frenkie so he can spectate amazing meals that are being prepared in this kitchen everyday of the week (as Jet is a professional cook). An extra feature of the island is the hidden trash bin with a custom made steel lid so food scraps can just slide in from the counter top. This kitchen will also house an occasional photo shoot of cooking sessions with Jet so you might spot it again somewhere!

Photography by Michael Cerrone

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