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Bespoke interior carpentry featuring a comfy daybed
and pill-shaped kitchen island in Amsterdam West

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2022
Size: 85 m2


This bespoke interior features a comfy daybed which turn into the centrally placed kitchen. With a daybed like this, who needs a bed? Lazy Sundays will never be the same in this picturesque home in Amsterdam West.

Together with our lovely client, we came up with a completely new layout with a centrally placed eye-catching bespoke oak and terrazzo kitchen that wraps around the antique stairs and transforms into a daybed overlooking the garden.

The most amazing part: they built it themselves! Together with a bathroom that exudes peace and tranquility, this home is the perfect place to unwind - right next to the hustle and bustle of urban life.


Photos by Michael Cerrone


project highlights

oak cabinetry runs from the front to the back of the

ground floor 

compact bathroom efficiently slotted in between the two upstairs bedrooms

lot of daylight is let in through the new windows in the rear of the home overlooking the garden

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