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Behind the front facade of this typical dutch dike house in Amsterdam Noord hides the perfect family home.

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2018
Size: 160 m2

Program: Building extension and interior design

In collaboration with: && (&Prast&Hooft)


This dike house in Amsterdam Noord was in much need of a renovation to be able to accommodate the young family that bought the property. The highly popular street Nieuwendammerdijk forms a stage for many extensions and renovations in which this renovation takes center stage both in form as in materialization. The foundation of the building needed to be replaced and new concrete walls and floor form an enclosure around the souterrain floor preventing the house to ‘slide’ away from the dike and groundwater from entering the building.


A void was introduced to connect the souterrain floor with the ground floor above, therefore  letting in more daylight and visually connecting the two levels. The large steel facade stitches both floors together and provides fresh air, daylight and access to the back yard. The rest of the exterior is cladded with charred wood, creating a facade that is both visually striking and sustainable. 


Within the interior, a complete overhaul was needed. The blue kitchen with brass detailing forms the focal point on the ground floor around which the space flows freely. A visually open connection between the ground floor and first floor was created with the custom built steel stair with steps that seem to float. These interior and exterior elements result in a home with many interesting visual and spatial qualities which will enable the young family to flourish in the years to come. 


Facade view

project highlights

only the front facade was left intact during the renovation of this family home


a complete renovation was needed down from the foundations all the way up to the roof structure

we incorporated a large steel facade in the rear elevation spanning two storeys 


this makes sure the kitchen/dining space and living room below are visually connected and bathed in daylight

we designed the bespoke stairs which connect all three levels and take center stage


the stairs form the center piece and allow life to flow freely across the different floors of the house

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