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House DP

Full ground floor renovation including centrally placed
multifunctional box and bespoke solutions

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2022
Size: 170 m2


A young couple reached out to us after buying their first home together. One of the wishes was to turn the somewhat standard floor plan into something that would feel spacious and special.

By adding a centrally placed box in which the stairs, wardrobe, toilet and kitchen are placed, the ground floor of this 1930s house in Amsterdam East appears surprisingly spacious and the cramped character of the original floor plan is transformed into a light and open space in which the different living areas are directly connected to each other. 


In order to create this open plan space, it was necessary to make a number of strategic breakthroughs that had to be fitted into the existing structure in close collaboration with the structural engineer and contractor. In this way we were able to neatly conceal these structural interventions and create a seamless fit with the bespoke fixed furniture.


Together with the interior builder and the client, we found a nice balance between classic and modern details and materials and together with the natural materials and textures of the oak wood and the chalk stucco on the central box create a calm and warm atmosphere. 

Photos by Michael Cerrone


project highlights

the entire ground floor space can flow freely around the centrally placed box

cabinets finished chalk stucco and stained oak veneer create a natural atmosphere

close collaboration between the architect, structural engineer, contractor, interior builder and client

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