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Volkerakstraat Amsterdam

Ground floor home that features a meticulously designed wooden extension within the lovely Rivierenbuurt.


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2022
Size: 92 m2


When our clients bought this ground floor home, it was dilapidated and stuck in the 70s. However, with a spacious garden facing the southeast and an overall great location - it was not hard to see the potential of the space.

The main focus was to make the most out of the relationship between their garden and the adjoining rooms
. By collaborating closely with the structural engineer and the contractor we came up with a structural approach and ways of detailing that would allow the extension to be placed as high as possible, resulting in light-filled interior spaces.

Oversized three meter high Meranti doors open up towards the southeast facing garden letting in as much daylight as possible with fresh air entering through the cantilever windows in between the doors.


By constructing the entire extension out of spruce wood we aimed to create a calm and natural atmosphere within the interior spaces overlooking the large spruce tree located in the back of the garden.


Photography by Michael Cerrone


project highlights

full renovation of a dilapidated 70s home

carefully analysing the existing situation and coming up with interesting new ways of arranging the interior spaces

combining the expertise of the contractor and structural engineer

we came up with custom wood connections within the overall wooden structure 

light structure
open feeling


maximising the height of the spaces and the amount of glass surface resulted in a light-filled home 

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