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Welcome to Public Space. A place of relaxation amidst the rapidly developing North side of Amsterdam.


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2018
Size: 275 m2

Program: specialty coffee and food

In December 2017 HOP was asked to design an interior for the community named "Public". Public got its hands on a beautiful empty space on the ground floor of the BeMine building (right behind the Adam Tower). The space needed everything: a floor, ceiling, interior walls, electricity, plumbing, bespoke furniture and so on. HOP designed every last bit of it, including the custom ceiling lighting.

Together with Public's strong vision HOP created an open plan layout with a centralized and low bar to achieve openness and transparency. The space is built up out of lively texturized floors, walls, ceilings and bar cladding. The common chairs and tables in the space are of elegant Italian design but in contrast to this minimalist and industrial approach HOP created "vintage islands" with old school (mostly danish) furniture, hereby breaking up the space in several other spaces. These islands pop up in three different locations and are bordered by eclectic-style custom sized carpets. 

Public Space is more than a specialty coffee bar. It is a destination. It is humble and hospitable. It is a place and a space for everyone.



public space, specialty coffee bar in amsterdam

project highlights

we created a visual identity that would fit the location and spirit of the client


many design sessions were held with the client to narrow-down what the right look and feels would be as a whole

we worked with a budget that was meant for a space half the size of that of the location


we experimented with many different unconventional materials and finishes to achieve premium esthetics on a budget

we filled up the space whilst keeping the spacious character of the location intact


by clustering different areas and fitting functions within one continuous wall the space remains open and clear

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