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Little Big Bungalow Oosterwold

Built on a raised mound  lies this wooden bungalow home consisting of four interconnected slanted volumes overlooking the fields surrounding the house


Location: Almere Oosterwold

Year: 2021
Size: 140m2

residential, urban farming

This compact family home is built up out of four compact volumes connected by a central cross. The wood-clad volumes are lifted from the ground by a set-back plinth and form a contrast with the central cross which will be finished with floor to ceiling windows and doors to ensure uninterrupted lines of sight throughout the building.

The playful roofscape not only accommodates the integrated solar panels but also introduces a sense of spaciousness within the compact 
interiors spaces, turning this home into a little big bungalow. The home boasts generous openings facing the fields of Oosterwold enabling you to slow down and enjoy the wide-open views.

This is the second home that HOP is currently building in Oosterwold. The roof of each volume is angled downwards to keep the overall building profile subtle while at the same time keeping interiors of these blocks feel spacious.

Renderings: HOP
Maquette: Studio Bouhuijs


project highlights

multiple angled volumes result in a playful ensemble

the angles of the blocks have been deliberately chosen to emphasize certain lines of sight and to catch the sun all day long

the glass corner in the living area slides open turning indoor area into outdoor space

by executing the roof of the living room as an overhanging structure this glass corner is freed from columns

the organisation of the interior spaces is future-proof and adjustable


by keeping in mind possible different scenarios the interior can be easily adjusted to accommodate a larger family

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