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Soft-toned nail parlor in Amsterdam's Oud-Zuid quarter for high-end nail and pedicure treatments.


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2020
Size: 150 m2

Program: Nail studio, wellness

At a quiet spot at the Koninginneweg in Amsterdam, HOP was asked to design a nail studio with a slightly ambiguous character: the client wished for a relaxed atmosphere, yet a noteworthy interior.


As the nail studio is divided over two floors, we decided to split up the program and following with that the shades of color.


The manicure area is found at the ground floor where a beige red color forms the predominate overtone. The most notable element here is formed by the steel cabinet, which is closed off with a steel mesh at the bottom and at the top to hide the installations and provide storage space. The open part of the cabinet houses the products that the nail studio sells and accommodates the plants that form a natural counterpart to the slightly industrial infill of the space. Moreover, this cabinet separates the manicure area from the kids area.


Concrete blocks with different dimensions are scattered over the space and serve as display elements for products, with the biggest block functioning as a reception desk. Furthermore, like the interior, the art that has been especially made for the studio, avoids the color black.


In the basement, where the pedicure chairs are located, grey and green tones contribute to a spa like atmosphere. The individual chairs are being separated by translucent curtains, which can be moved aside when people come together. Hanging plants and the green patio complete the calming ambience.



project highlights

soft colour tones provide for a calming ambiance 

beige-red on the ground floor and subtle jade green in the basement


a clear layout contributes to a fluent routing throughout the studio

tables and chairs are placed alongside each other and an open cabinet splits the ground floor in two spaces

we supported the client from the beginning until the studio was completely finished 

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