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habitat noun

hab· i· tat | \ ˈha-bə-ˌtat  \


"the place or environment where a plant or animal

naturally or normally lives and grows"

people noun

peo· ple | \ ˈpē-pəl  \


"human beings making up a group or assembly

or linked by a common interest"

our people


Bo van Niekerk


Michael Cerrone


Joshua Boyd

who we are

At Habitats of People, we design, create and build architecture in which people thrive. We design and create habitats that are healthy and contribute to both mental and physical well-being. We create habitats that stimulate, amaze and inspire. We pay attention to the little details, those that make a project special. Because in the end, the right living environment is able to make people more socially involved, more active, productive and happy. Our designs consume little energy and are made of sustainable and natural materials that allow a circular way of building.

we are the whole package
We offer our services ranging from early sketches to detailed technical drawings and on-site supervision. By doing so we are able to create efficient, smart and sustainable design which is controlled throughout the entire design and construction process.

Our projects range from medium scale mixed apartment blocks to houses, apartments, bars/cafes, offices, custom interior elements, furniture and bespoke lighting. We work together with both private and professional clients on a daily basis.

we are collaborators
 With a small team of experienced designers we conduct research and work together closely with many other disciplines ranging from furniture builders, creative contractors, carpenters, welders, facade specialists, lighting designers and marketing / strategy experts.

our habitats can be found here

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