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Kop van K Oostenburg

29 appartments placed around central courtyard
within the new neighbourhood of Oostenburg


Location: Oostenburg, Amsterdam

Year: 2022

Size: 6000 m2
residential, public space, office

Seen from the Oostenburgervaart the two buildings on lot G and H form the beginning of a row of contrasting building blocks along the Isaac Titsinghkade.

Eventhough the blocks on lot G and H are built using the same construction method, in appearance, the emphasis on diversity of this new neighbourhood is clearly felt within the different facade materials and window openings. 


Both blocks are built up out of circular products and smart demountable systems. The supporting structure of the plinth of both blocks consists ofdemountable prefab concrete elements and form the basis on which the wooden modules are stacked. Block G is finished with bricks from recycled raw material and the facade of block H consists of thermally modified wooden elements.

By developing block G and block H
simultaneously, space is created for smart solutions that benefit both blocks. For example, in the heart of block G there is a large courtyard that directly connects to block H. This can be reached at the front and rear via a generous covered passage and provides a lot of air and visual connections. The collective outdoor space offers a place on the ground floor where residents can meet each other and children can play safely.

Renders: CIIID

Kop van K Oostenburg

project highlights

prefab timber modules ensure an efficient execution and low carbon footprint

a centrally placed courtyard brings in daylight and fresh air to all apartments that are placed around it

ground floor apartments feature atelier spaces to activate the adjoining waterfront

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