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This collective private commissioned project mixes housing and office program in the center of Amsterdam. 

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2019

Size: 1325 m2

Programme: apartments & offices

HOP has initiated a collective housing group for the collective private commissioned (CPO) plots in Oostenburg, Amsterdam. Several candidates have already shown interest in joining the group. We are still looking for additional group members that are excited to start a complete collective housing group.

Are you interested in building your own apartment, together with several other people on a unique spot in the center of Amsterdam? Then please contact us and drop by for a cup of coffee or tea so we can inform you on the financial feasibility of the project and the first ideas on the design for this plot for 5-11 households.

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Want to know more? Enter your email address below and we'll send over documentation.

Thanks for the inquiry! We will send you the information document as soon as possible.

project highlights

Co-working office space on the ground floor with direct connection to the backyard

smart floor plans with private outdoor spaces that optimize daylight within the interior

communal spaces on the ground floor and roof that make most of the square meters 

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