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Zoetermeer Parkhoven


Blurring the lines between 'public' and 'private' outdoor spaces whilst mixing different functions and public program

Location: Van Tuyllpark, Zoetermeer

Year: 2019
Size: n/a

Program: masterplan, residential, leisure, mixed use


The Van Tuyllpark in Zoetermeer, South-Holland forms the focal point of the competition "Maximaal Wonen". In order to entice people to come back and visit the park and to really turn it into a destination the municipality asked for a vision on how to add residential program without losing the character of an open park and keep as much of it's green spaces intact. 

HOP proposed the idea of introducing 'Parkhoven' clusters within the Van Tuyllpark in Zoetermeer. High density residential hubs that are lifted up from the ground letting the park flow under it freely. Existing pathways are upgraded and form new bicycle links between the different Parkhoven. By arranging the residential units in a circular form, all people will have the same un-spoilt park view and the public 'courtyards' will form a more intimate space balancing between the realm of public and private.

A place where city life and nature are balanced in a way that is both future-proof, flexible and sustainable.

Zoetermeer Parkhoven

project highlights

existing park roads are upgraded and elevated 'parkhoven' are placed on of the different nodes


the circular 'parkhoven' offer wide views of the park life and let the park flow through freely

micro neighbourhoods are arranged in a circular form that share elevated garden spaces


the 'parkhoven' introduce a sense of community by sharing the public space in and around the node 

the different size of the 'parkhoven' offer the opportunity to mix program


to make sure the nodes are activated different program is introduced within the boundaries of the separate rings

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