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WTC Papendorp

work in progress

Location: Papendorp

Year: 2016

Program: mixed functions.

HOP was asked to reenvsion the main hall of  the World Trade Center in Papendorp. We developed a spatial concept which resulted in the sketch design of the public space on the ground floor.  A highly diverse mix of functions needed to be linked to one another. A coffee bar, work spaces, lounge areas, meeting areas and conference spaces will form the new social hub within the WTC.

These different types of functions were given form and materialization according to the concept of whimsical stacked blocks. In a way, creating spaces from the 'bottom-up'.  These geometric forms pose a contrast to the organically shaped hall creating a balance between the square infill and the curved walls and columns.

The different functions are scattered over the floor, linked by circulation routes and reconnected with the same blocks by forming arches or platforms. In a way the design forms a 'geometric snake' throughout the public space of WTC Papendorp.


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