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Creative co-working spaces within the Hallen surrounded by walls of storage provide office space for local businesses

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2017
Size: 100 m2

Program: co-working space, office

The Worker Space inside the Maker Store provides co-working spaces and regular office space. All renters have three things in common: they design, they make, they create. Young companies like Lowlander, Union 55 and Willem's Wermoed are housed here, creating and selling their self-made beer and liquor. 

(not) Coincidentally, HOP is also renting a table here, which means we were blessed with the opportunity of designing our own studio. In the Worker Space and the Maker Cafe (on the same floor) we meet with clients, contractors, suppliers and creatives. You are invited any time for a very good cup of coffee or tea and we will be happy to show you around.




project highlights

we created a visual identity that would fit the location and spirit of the space

we designed bespoke tables, cabinets and a meeting room with graphic felt covered wall

industrial lighting fixtures and details that fit the character of the space as a whole

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