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architecture and interior design  |  amsterdam  |  2020 © by HOP Architects


Three roof terraces and a completely custom interior. This townhouse in the heart of the Museum Quarter offers its residents tranquility in the heart of the city.


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2019-2020
Size: 140 m2 + 90 m2 terraces

Programme: residential, rooftop terraces

HOP was commissioned to turn this townhouse in the Museum Quarter into a dream home. A fold-away facade opens up the kitchen to one of the three roof terraces within the wood-clad top floor.


The original top floor was completely demolished and rebuilt in order to accommodate the luxurious rooftop terrace. The living areas, originally found on the 3rd floor were moved up to the top floor, making the rooftop a part of the open-plan living space. We designed the exterior as well as the interior elements and detailed them meticulously, making sure all the custom interior elements, like the kitchen, stairs, bathrooms, cabinets and bedrooms come together to form the perfect home.

project highlights

to make the most of the property - we added a rooftop terrace to be able to fully enjoy those summer days

a custom stainless steel kitchen island cladded with chiseled natural stone forms the center-piece within the open-plan living

the bespoke steel stairs links all three floors together and forms a multi-functional eye-catcher