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This wheat-lined pop-up bar is a modern interpretation of the classical Austrian Bierstube within Amsterdam East

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2017
Size: 230 m2

Program: bar, restaurant, club
Status: completed

Behind Brouwerij 't IJ in the eastern part of Amsterdam HOP designed the interior and freshened up the exterior of the building for pop-up restaurant Schnitzel & Weizen. Unfortunately it was only a temporary 6 month pop-up (which eventually extended to one full year) before the clients started their larger construction plans but nevertheless it was a fruitful and enjoyable space for Schnitzel lovers.

The concept of the design was that of the modern-day Austrian Bierstube. Everything was built up out of low-key materials to emphasize the temporariness of the pop-up restaurant. The space was meant to feel like you are somewhere outside in an ever changing environment. This was executed by implementing light-coloured wood as the main element throughout, accompanied by shades of green and grey. Typical tavern-style elements were reimagined to fit within the new interior and beer and schnitzel enthousiasts were able to sit along typical beer tables in between fields of dried wheat or weizen. 




project highlights

creating a visual identity that would fit the food and beverage concept

working with a tight budget that was meant for a temporary space

filling the space whilst keeping the spacious character of the location intact

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