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This brass-lined temporary installation for antique Chinese and Japanese art dealer incorporates a contemporary take on a cabinet of curiosities

Location: Amsterdam RAI

Year: 2018

Program: art fair

In collaboration with Feng-Chun Ma and Paul Ruitenbeek HOP designed and completed this stand for the 2018 PAN art fair in the RAI of Amsterdam.


This stand is for antique Chinese and Japanese art. The design of the back wall is based upon old Chinese display cabinets (curio cabinets). Each space in this cabinet has been carefully designed to fit the exact object that stands within it. 

The back wall, the table in the middle and the free-standing display cabinets are all designed and built to be easily taken apart and rebuilt on another location. Together with antique Chinese furniture the entire ensemble forms a symmetrical balance between the interior and the art. 




project highlights

a centrally placed cabinet of curiosities forms the focal point of the installation

many bespoke elements were meticulously detailed to fit the requirements of the client

an austere colour and material palette makes sure the art pops out and is highlighted 

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