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These bright and airy garden room spaces form the ideal home office and lounge within the center of Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2019
Size: 3
0 m2

Program: small residential renovation

For a couple living in a town house on the Nieuwe Prinsengracht in the city center of Amsterdam, HOP designed and renovated a part of the ground floor. With new MHB steel window frames this interior space becomes gets bathed in daylight. The living area features a similar steel and glass skylight, which is controlled automatically, and the space to the garden forms a gradual transition between indoor and outdoor space.

Situated on the North side of the building, the ground floor now forms a perfect hideaway during hot summers and can be used as an office or lounge area.



project highlights

full-height steel insulated window frames to ensure maximum visual connection to the garden area

 we implemented an operable roof light which ventilates the spaces and makes sure the summer heat loads are controlled

we drew out a new lighting plan to fit the new layout and made sure individual elements were highlighted accordingly

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