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mooie boules

Welcome to Public Space. A place of relaxation in the rapidly developing North side of Amsterdam



Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2017
Size: 620 m2

Program: hospitality / bar / sports

Right next to the iconic windmill of Brouwerij 't IJ lies this disused former industrial hall that used to accommodate many different kinds of companies throughout the years. 

HOP was asked to come up with a pitch/sketch design that would envision this vacant place as a vibrant jeu de boule foodhall. Our proposal encompasses the introduction of several elements typically found in and around French town squares creating an atmosphere of a covered market with intimate string lights and places to mingle whilst throwing around a few boules.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 06.23.26.png

project highlights

we proposed to introduce a central square resembling a typical French market square

food stands and bars 

filling the space whilst keeping the spacious character of the location intact


by clustering different areas and fitting functions within one continuous wall the space remains open and clear

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