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Wooden peg-boards, storage and display walls help organize the space within this local goods store located in the Hallen of Amsterdam West

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2017
Size: 270 m2

Program: retail, creative workspaces, 3D printing, laser engraving

HOP designed the new layout for the Maker Store in the Hallen of Amsterdam. The cash register now plays a central role, improving way-finding within the store. The main area for product displays is found in the back and the 'maker functions' such as laser engraving, 3D printing and digital embroidery are placed along the facade of the main street inside the Hallen. HOP also designed the interior of the products area forming large pegboards on which products can be displayed in various ways. Due to the need for flexibility as local products are ever-changing this created an ideal way to transform the placement of products while maintaining a coherent appearance throughout the store.




project highlights

creating a visual identity that would fit the location and spirit of the client

the maker store is a place that is constantly updated and improved as stock changes

we filled up the space whilst keeping the spacious character of the location intact

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