Oak cabinets and natural stone surfaces form the base of this fully bespoke living and dining space

Location: Bilthoven

Year: 2020
Size: 20 m2

Program: kitchen interior design

Unhappy with the space that the previous kitchen created HOP was asked to rearrange the flow, organisation and overal design of the space to make it fit the family's way of living to the fullest. 

Stainless steel shelves stick through the Ceppo di Gres slabs that cover the back wall of the kitchen, the slab continues down the wall and turns into the worktop that runs around all sides of the space, eventually stepping down to form a bespoke dining seat. The oak cabinets add a touch of warmth and hide away the tons of storage that is hidden in every corner of this kitchen, including the pantry that holds most of the equipment and which can be hidden from sight by the slide-away doors. 

By detailing every last element from the natural stone dripping rack in the sink to the hidden spice cabinet we made sure this fully bespoke kitchen space is truly one of a kind.

Interior builder: Bart Ontwerp Studio (BOS)