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With the big scale renovation of this small scale house we made sure this home is future-proof and optimised according to the wishes of the young family that will inhabit this lovely home


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2022
Size: 90 m2


This two storey family home in Watergraafsmeer has received a total update on both the exterior as well as the interior.

To make the most of every square meter within the narrow floor plan we proposed the idea of integrating the bespoke stairs in the kitchen wall. This resulted in a generously deep kitchen with heaps of storage while at the same time introducing a playful and open connection to the first floor.


The newly added extension with roof light lets in massive amounts of daylight while the folding doors offer an open connection to the adjoining garden. The carefully detailed wooden facade filters the light through wooden slats on the first floor and lets you experience the modern exterior from the interior spaces.


project highlights

double height extension with bespoke wooden cladding

efficient use of space by integrating the stair with the kitchen back wall

many bespoke solutions throughout the home to make sure the interior is optimised

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