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Bringing back the former glory of this old saloon steamer boat and elevating the overall coffee shop customer experience

Location: Utrecht

Year: 2018
Size: 280 m2

Program: coffee shop, lounge, cafe

The historic saloon-steamer built in 1905 has seen many parts of Europe and has found its new calling as  specialty coffee shop.

HOP worked on a sketch design which completely re-envisioned the interior and exterior of the boat and its internal organization. 

Several historical elements are brought back in order to bring back a sense of the boat's rich history and heritage. The ships old engine is highlighted as a museum piece and forms the focal point of the new circulation route through the different levels of the boat. 

Warm colors and rich materials along with the removal of several view-impairing elements will transform this cramped space into a spacious and generous place for the public to enjoy the many treats served by the specialists behind the bar.


cultureboat aerial.png

project highlights

we proposed to introduce a clear division between the different areas whilst keeping everything visually inter-connected

a central spiral stair connects the existing entrance area to the new roof top lounge and the spaces below deck

materials, finishes and detailing all fit this modern interpretation of the classic saloon steamer

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