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A complete new  ground floor layout and interior design transformed this apartment into a luxurious and child-proof family home 


Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2021
Size: 90 m2 (ground floor)

Programme: residential

For a couple with two young children HOP designed the new layout and the complete interior design of this apartment in Amsterdam West. The client's wish was to create the perfect family home with sustainable, dynamic and child-proof materials. On multiple levels HOP achieved to grant those wishes:


All walls are finished with 100% natural clay plaster of which more than half contains a special finishing called "Decoleem" from Amsterdam based company Tierrafino. This type of plaster, originating from Morocco,  is not only very environmentally friendly, it also creates a stable level of humidity inside the apartment. If you damage the walls then don't worry, because this natural plaster can easily be repaired (even by the owners themselves) without the need to redo the entire wall.

The kitchen area was enlarged to create space for a kitchen island. All cabinetry is made from real walnut wood veneer and finished with London based Buster and Punch hardware. The counter tops are built from granite with hints of green and brown to complement the color scheme in the rest of the apartment. All materials have a natural dynamic texture and are highly durable and child friendly. The icing on the cake (for the owners) is the freestanding  professional Lacanche oven and electric stove. 

The hallway, kitchen, dining area and lounge were all designed together as one concept throughout the ground floor. In the lounge the tv stands on the same dark wood veneer cabinetry as in the kitchen and in the dining area the wooden table top with an olive green linoleum top layer and black steel legs complement the hints of black and green from the other areas in the apartment. The result is a luxurious, sustainable and durable family home in the West of Amsterdam.

project highlights

the walls are finished with a highly sustainable and 100% natural clay plaster from Tierrafino Amsterdam

custom made kitchen from real walnut wood veneer and beautiful natural stone

four large steel doors with full  height vertical handle bars form a coherent design all together

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