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Bespoke detailing, a stealthy material palette and hidden rooms form the ideal home in Amsterdam West

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2018
Size: 100 m2

Program: apartment interior and building extension

Within the popular neighbourhood ‘de Baarsjes’, lies this highly bespoke apartment, tailor made and fitted to match the wishes of the young pilot in dire need of a home base between his long haul intercontinental flights. 

From the moment you enter the apartment its meticulous detailing becomes evident. Bespoke doors, with frames running from floor to ceiling all come together and provide a sense of tranquility. When you make your way into the spa-inspired bathroom, the built-in lighting provides a dimly lit sense of calmness while the inhabitants are doused by the double rain shower.

Adjacent to the bathroom lies the built-in walk-in closet which leads on the master bedroom with direct access to the spacious living/dining/kitchen area. A masculine stealthy  design is what our client was looking for. That is achieved by finishing the kitchen with a nano-tech paneling providing matt and scratch-free surfaces for years to come. The concept is also visible in the various storage cabinets and pantry in which every element is hidden away from sight, either behind the kitchen-block or the bathroom-block making the entire ensemble appear clean and calm. A perfect hide-away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life.



project highlights

we detailed the exterior in such a way that it would complement the interior spaces

black powdercoated slabs and textured brickwork fitted with wide and robust sliding doors to create the perfect shell

the roof of the new extension forms the balcony for the apartment above 


we detailed everything in such a way that any problems with water/dirt getting trapped between the balcony above and the roof below was eliminated  

we designed bespoke interior elements that fill the generously sized rooms  

an efficient floor plan with tons of storage space, massive kitchen island and spa-like bathroom, all bespoke and one of a kind

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