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The compact and clear plan for this souterrain forms an austere space which is filled with natural finishes and re-used materials 

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2018

Program: residential

In collaboration with Jeroen Siemens

In the neighbourhood of Watergraafsmeer a quiet street lined by trees can be found. Along that street, within a stretch of monumental residential properties, lies this project.

Extensive structural work needed to be done to both this property as well as its neighbours to restore the dilapidated foundations. The extension of the souterrain level is visually elongated by the continuous array of wooden panels that hide away areas of storage, functions and doors and forms the backbone in this highly custom collection of interior elements.

A natural material pallet with materials like black steel, blackened wood facade cladding, walnut wall panels and repurposed marble wall tiles give this new space an intimate and rich atmosphere.

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project highlights

we proposed an clear arrangement of areas to make most of the available space

the warm, rich and calm material palette was created around the existing marble floor tiles

the multi-functional wall running from the front to the back hides away all functions

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